Thursday, March 22, 2012

William's friend: "Kate will emulate Diana"

There have been comparisons made between Kate and Diana since the day William began dating the brunette at University. Sadly, most of these comparisons have been negative. Most based on how royal aides hope Kate doesn't display similarities to the Princess of Wales. William's best friend Thomas Van Straubenzee spoke frankly in his first interview since the royal wedding.

'I think she will embrace it. She loves William and is ready to throw herself into it. I think she will use it to do good things'. Speaking at the private viewing of wildlife paintings by Lynne Moore at the Frost and Reed gallery in St. James's he added, 'No one says anything bad about Kate because she doesn't deserve it. The wedding was fantastic.' Van Straubenzee firmly believes Kate is going to do her utmost to attract attention for worthy causes, exactly as Diana did. The Duchess of Cambridge attempted to avoid the media spotlight whilst dating William, however, as his wife, she is fully aware of the expectations her new role brings. Thomas' father, Alex Van Straubenzee describes Kate as 'serene, she has an inner calm'. With the demands and hectic schedule Kate will be facing, those qualities are a necessity!


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