Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kate and Pippa share sibling rivalry

The Duchess of Cambridge and her younger sister, Pippa Middleton, have an enviably close relationship. Throughout the months leading up to the Royal Wedding they were rarely seen without each other. Kate has often described Pippa as her 'best friend'. However, that doesn't mean they are unlike most siblings. The two share a healthy sibling rivalry.

Pippa has always been far more outgoing than Kate, who is shy and reserved. In school, Pippa was more popular and was seen as a 'leader'. A source close to the girls said, 'Pippa was always more liked at school than Kate because she was very outgoing while Kate was more of a loner. This led to a bit of friction between them and Pippa would sometimes take pleasure in winding Kate up. Things got better by the time Kate was 18. She got invited to parties and Pippa would always tag along. As always, all the attention would go to Pippa and she'd compete with her sister over boys. In fact, Kate tended to get dating advice from her little sister.'

Pippa, who is currently in Spain with old flame George Percy, son of the Duke of Northumberland, has been at the centre of a scandal involving topless pictures. Buckingham palace are said to be dismayed by the recent revelations. A close friend said, 'Pippa is a flirt, she wasn't sleeping around but always flirts with the most well connected men'. The girls compete over typical female issues such as weight, hair and looks. Whenever photographed together the pair look extremely close and have been spotted partying and shopping together since Kate began seeing William. The rivalry is most likely lighthearted as Pippa seemed genuinely happy for her older sister when she was able to live out the princess fairytale that every little girl dreams of.


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