Thursday, March 22, 2012

William and Kate's Honeymoon Photos: Discuss/Debate

Hello Duchess Kate readers,
I was incredibly surprised when I logged into Facebook this morning and saw William and Kate on the cover of Woman's Day Australia . The headline read 'World Exclusive Photos: Wills and Kate Our Island Paradise'. The cover shows the couple holding hands during a beach stroll. William wearing shorts and Kate in a back bikini.

PopSugar Australia/Woman's Day

The magazine published over a dozen photos from the couple's honeymoon in the Seychelles in May 2011.

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If you wish to see more photos and commentary you can watch a video from Today.

William and Kate chose the idyllic Seychelles for their honeymoon reportedly because of it's classic location which lies in the Indian Ocean between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Equator. The beaches are simply breathtaking.

The couple stayed in a £4,000 a night villa which included a butler, a private garden, an open air bathroom area with sunken bath and shower and a yoga pavilion. William and Kate reportedly spent their time enjoying the stunning views, beaches and a sunset cruise.

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When the couple jetted off on their honeymoon there was an unofficial agreement that media organisations would not send photographers and allow them privacy. A St. James' Palace spokesperson said

'The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge considered their honeymoon to be a very private event after their hugely public wedding. For this reason they asked the media to respect their privacy. That is something they continue to do so'.

I wish to state that I do not support these photos, nor agree with the fact they were taken. I posted a small version of the magazine cover but will not be posting the photos. However, I think you should all be able to discuss/debate this and view the photos if you wish. I would love to hear your thoughts so feel free to discuss and debate. (With a special thank you to Emma from Australia and Ilona for taking the time to email me about this story)


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