Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kate and William go native in Northwest Territories

I thought when William and Kate departed for Blatchford lake, Northwest territories they were going to relax after a hectic day. Instead, they decided to embrace the culture of the area. The Canadian rangers gave them sweaters and made them honourary members. (Kate even managed to pull off a red rangers sweater :))  For the sixth day of their Royal tour the couple were eager to enjoy all aspects of the region. The Duke and Duchess paddled a canoe with Fort Smith's village elder Francois Paulette. (Is there anything they can't do?)

It is interesting that William and Kate have chosen relatively remote areas such as Yellowknife, one of the Commonwealth's most under populated regions. After the public events and arrival ceremonies I think the couple would have specified they wanted trips like this one to Blatchford lake. They interacted with a small group of locals and participated in their way of life. The same experience is not possible in a huge city. I noted they looked happier and more relaxed than anytime in the tour. It is excellent to see them enjoying themselves as it is a physically demanding schedule. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge smelled local aboriginal medicines and carried caribou skin to a tent to watch an elder woman preparing the meat for smoking. (They could have been dining in lavish hotels, but this tell us what a down to earth couple they are) Duchess Kate spent quite a lot of time taking in the wilderness with her husband, a truly breathtaking view!

Today, the Royal couple have an unscheduled engagement. They will fly to Slave Lake, Alberta to meet rescue workers who fought wildfires last month. The fires devastated the region and being in Canada the couple must have felt the visit would give the locals a boost. The fire forced complete evacuation of it's 7,000 residents. Quite saddening and shocking.  I will update as soon as the couple arrive! Check out this video to see the couple at Blatchford lake!


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