Thursday, March 15, 2012

Buckingham Palace confirms Duchess Kate is 'not pregnant with twins'

I was surprised when I saw the cover of celebrity gossip magazine 'Star' claiming that the Duchess of Cambridge was expecting twins, a boy and and a girl. (These gossip magazines are very thorough :)) The magazine claiming they had a reliable source wrote 'William almost collapsed with joy and relief when Kate told him she was pregnant. The palace was buzzing with word that the first ever royal twins were on the way'. The article continued to strangely write about the fact that the Duchess was struggling to gain weight.

A representative from Buckingham Palace has denied these rumours saying 'Suffice to say that were it true, it would be us to announce it not a gossip magazine'. This is the third time 'Star' has claimed that the Duchess is pregnant. It may be a case of printing the story so many times it has to be true eventually! I know many people are hoping for news that Duchess Kate is pregnant, In my opinion it will be a while. I think she will adjust to married life. William said in their engagement interview 'Obviously we want children'. William and Kate do things at their own pace, Perhaps they will wait until William completes his work with the RAF?

 The only information Buckingham Palace has recently released about the Cambridges has been in relation the the enormous success of Kate's wedding dress display which is estimated to pull in £8 million. The display has been their most successful to date.


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