Saturday, March 31, 2012

Royal couple enjoy last day in California as William opens his heart about Diana

William and Kate are looking very refreshed today after a wonderful night at the BAFTA's reception. Tinseltown's elite warmed to them instantly and couldn't have made nicer comments. Duchess Kate is seen as friendly and down to earth. I have also read in several reports that photo's do not do her justice. She is even more beautiful in person. (If that's possible)

I don't think any of us followed the tour without Princess Diana in mind, Unfortunately I'm too young to remember her myself but have closely studied her life, Lately her Royal tours. She exuded an ease and elegance with people which we are now seeing in Kate. Days after  his mother's 50th birthday, Prince William opened his heart to three sisters. He rarely speaks about his mother's death as it is obviously a painful, personal subject but on this occasion he spoke too Meryl, Margot and Meghan Cooper who lose their mother to breast cancer in 2002. William spoke candidly 'I know what it's like to lose your mother at such a young age. I can empathise with your loss, I think of my mother every day'. All three sisters noted how sad William looked discussing his mother. Diana would be very happy to see Kate by his side now.
For their final day in California the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended a Sunday morning reception for Tusk Trust, an African wildlife conversation group. They spoke with academy award winning actress Reese Witherspoon. The couple then stopped at the inner city arts academy where they talked with the kids about their interests and life at the academy. The organisation focuses on bringing art into the classroom. Outside the academy a large number of people are gathering hoping for a glimpse of the couple. Some fans are holding union jack's. Inside the school Duchess Kate put on of the apron's and began painting with one of the young students. The children seem to love her. Shortly after William did likewise and the couple sat opposite each other in children's chairs painting. Adorable! :) Before leaving the couple left their hand prints in clay for the school to keep as a reminder of their visit.
Duchess Kate looks beautiful in a navy crochet top, white John Lewis whistle Lina Dobby pleated skirt available HERE (Thanks to what kate wore) paired with navy shoes and earrings made from a pair of Diana's. Her hair is worn in a demi chignon. Throughout the tour we haven't seen Kate with her hair fully up, perhaps we shall see that soon! For their final engagement  the couple will visit a service nation event at Sony studios in Culver City before arriving at LAX for departure. It is very hard to believe this amazing tour is almost over..........
As you can see I went slightly overboard with the photos, there were just so many lovely ones from today, I couldn't choose!


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