Thursday, May 31, 2012

William and Kate plan to get cosy watching Downton Abbey as they move into Kensington Palace

William and Kate have finally moved into Kensington Palace. After months of speculation about the move, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have chosen a very modest flat. It is much smaller than their neighbours apartment occupied by Prince and Princess Michael of Kent. The couple have just arrived home from their hectic tour of Canada and I imagine were enjoying being back to 'normal' life in their Anglesey home. It must be difficult for the young couple to have to uproot yet again. The life of a Royal may not be as easy as people think?
Kate ordered a few minor renovations and builders discovered the place was riddled with asbestos, a material that became popular in building during the late 19th century, It was later discovered it causes cancer. Senior royals have confirmed the couple moved all their furniture from Prince Harry's apartment at Clarence House to Kensington Palace and spent a couple of nights there last week. (I must say I'm surprised the move escaped the ever watchful eye of the paparazzi) While Diana resided there she was hounded day and night. Hopefully it will be an easier transition for Kate. Sources also stated that William and Kate view Anglesey as their home and the arrangement at Kensington is only temporary. Royal aides are constantly looking for alternatives. The Queen has invited Kate to stay at Balmoral where she wishes to get to know her better. No doubt options will be discussed during the visit. The Queen was reportedly hopeful they would take an apartment at Buckingham Palace, they declined as they feared people would feel the Queen was favouring William over Charles.
 Perhaps the pair will relax and watch Downton Abbey while there, they told actress Jessica Brown Findlay at the BAFTA reception they simply love watching it together :) It is an excellent period drama series, Well worth a watch if any of you  enjoy period dramas, (I've seen the first series twice myself) The wonderful Maggie Smith stars.


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