Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kate photographed at family home enjoying New Years Eve

We have been inundated with reports about William and Kate's plans to ring in the New Year with Prince Charles, Camilla and the Middletons. However it seems those rumours were just that...rumours. The Cambridge's were photographed yesterday enjoying a relaxing walk with the Middleton's dogs at Kate's former home in Bucklebury, Berkshire. Onlookers said the couple were joking and laughing enjoying some much needed private time. (With thanks to Patricia from the wonderful Princess Diana Remembered)

Kate looked like she was having a wonderful time running alongside the dogs wearing an oversized jacket, jeans and her Le Chameua wellies. The couple arrived in Berkshire Friday morning. One local said 'You always know when William and Kate are around because the place is overrun with officials'.

Mike was also pictured walking behind the couple, while James tried to keep up with William and Kate on his quad :)

The Middleton family home.

William and Kate appear to be wearing Barbour jackets. Due to the quality of the photo it is impossible to identify the exact jacket but the Winter Cotton Belsay  and the Cotton Touch Summer Beadnell are good possibilities. They are both currently available for around £200. (With thanks to the delightful Bella)

The Royals have been fans of Barbour for generations and are always photographed in their jackets while enjoying outdoors activities.

After their country walk the couple celebrated the beginning of 2012 in a reindeer hut. (Yes reindeer hut :)) in the Middleton's back garden. The hut is traditionally used by reindeer herders in Lapland. Party planner Pippa chose the hut which costs £3,000 to hire. 

Despite the tent structure the inside was described as a 'canvas palace'. Hog roast and vintage bottles of Moet champagne were served. It certainly gave the young royals a chance to let their hair down. I was delighted to hear Kate is spending New Years with her family as she celebrated Christmas with the royals. The Middletons are an incredibly close knit family and it will undoubtedly mean a lot to them to have their eldest home.

 The article also revealed that caring Kate has signed up to become a lifesaver after booking a place on a medical course to help people in need. Kate is due to begin the course in March and will learn life saving techniques. Kate is clearly eager to help as much as she can and use her role for good. The royals are said to be very proud of her good intentions. A senior royal aide said

"It is clear she is determined to use her high profile role to do as much good as she can. She has always had a caring side but now she is in a position where she can use it to do some good. Everyone is incredibly proud of her good intentions".

Read the full article from People here

I have a feeling we will be hearing more about Kate's New Year celebrations and hopefully seeing more photos.

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