Wednesday, May 9, 2012

All in a days work: Kate proves why she deserves to be the people's princess and cooks up a storm!

Duchess Kate has had quite a day. After arriving in Montreal the pair visited the Sainte Justine hospital where the couple met patients and staff. During this time we got a chance to see Kate interact with people properly. I must say she reminds me so much of Diana, People relate to her and see past her title of Duchess. Today Kate bent down to speak to wheelchair bound  Terry Joyce. She warmly shook his hand and said 'Let's get you out of the sunlight terry'.

 Afterwards Joyce described how touched he was 'It has given me a tremendous lift . It goes to show we have a wonderful monarchy. It was one of the best days of my life'. Kate does not come form royalty therefore we all feel more at ease with her. At the Sainte Justine hospital the Duchess spent time with patients, getting to know their stories and illnesses. We definitely need a new people's princess and Kate is proving why she deserves the honour! 

Next up for the couple was a more casual event. They attended a cookery workshop at the Institut de Tourisme. The Duchess of Cambridge was firmly involved even donning chef's whites with glittering silver heels. Prince William looked utterly amused as his wife stood at the top of the kitchen preparing a dish. Kate was all smiles during this event and even learned a new recipe! Kate is reportedly a much better cook then William. Tonight, they are sleeping aboard HCMS Montreal. Hopefully they will get some much welcome rest!



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