Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Middleton family home sold for $778,000

Kate Middleton's family home has been sold for $778,000. The semi detached four bedroom home in Berkshire was bought by a local couple who claim to have been drawn by the charm of the house not the connection to the Duchess of Cambridge. There has been intense interest in the property since the owners decided to sell it after witnessing the global interest in Kate following the royal wedding. The selling price at the auction was in the region of $15,000 below the estimate put on by the auctioneer. New owners Emma Appleby and Tom Wyatt said 'The press attention isn't really my cup of tea but I am really looking forward to moving in. We just love the property and that was our maximum price'.

The couple are both schoolteachers with a small child and another on the way. The Middletons bought the property in 1979 for just $55,000 and sold it in 1995 for over four times the price. Auctioneer Dudley Singleton said 'The family were delighted to win. They wanted a bigger family home and fell in love with the place. Just as I hoped, It's a family home just as it was for the Middletons. I think it's wonderful another family enjoy the home as I thought it would be purchased by someone hoping to collect a piece of royal memorabilia.


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