Sunday, May 6, 2012

William and Kate's marriage certificate to be kept a secret

Officials have confirmed that William and Kate's marriage certificate will be kept a secret. A clause in the Marriage Act gives royals the right to exempt themselves from general legal requirements whereby all marriage certificates are available to view at a register office. There has been lengthy discussions between Clarence house and Westminster Abbey. After much thought they have decided it should remain private. The General Register Office confirmed this: 'Certificates are never available after royal weddings. For the same reason, It would not be possible to obtain a copy of the marriage certificate relating to the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana'. There are no records available regarding the Queen's marriage to Prince Philip. The only exception to this rule is the Marriage Certificate of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. The clause in the Marriage Act 1753 states 'Royal marriages would not be invalidated by non-compliance with the statutory formalities'. This law is upheld by the Marriage Act 1949  'Nothing in this act is intended to affect any law or custom relating to the marriages of the Royal family'. The signing of Westminster Abbey's register was the only part of the wedding service conducted in private.


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