Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lady In Red Kate says goodbye to Canada

Throughout the tour, Duchess Kate has made excellent, classic and elegant fashion choices, The one and only complaint has been the lack of colour. Coincidentally myself and the writer of Kate's Wardrobe were discussing how much we would love to see her in red and we were pleasantly surprised to see that is exactly what she has chosen. 
William and Kate arrived at the ENMAX conservatory, Calgary Zoo earlier, Wearing a vibrant red Catherine Walker Marianne dress, Duchess Kate looked timelessly beautiful. She wore her hair in a demi chignon and the Queen's brooch which she has worn twice before in the tour. There is something very Grace Kelly about this look. Catherine Walker had a wonderful ability to dress royalty, She created some incredible pieces for Diana and Kate is wisely following in her footsteps.
The couple have just said their goodbyes at Calgary Airport, After a memorable nine days the couple are now flying to L.A. There have been no lows to this tour, only highs. William and Kate did the royal family and the people of Britain proud. We have to bear in mind that Kate is new this, She even said to a Canadian she 'wasn't used to all the cameras'. Yet she held herself with the grace and class of a natural born princess. I hope the Royal family commend her for this because she deserves it. I have thoroughly enjoyed covering this tour, It will be the first of many. I look forward to the coming weekend and following what Duchess Kate does and wears in California! Thank you all who have read my blog throughout the tour, I hope you will continue.

Catherine Walker 'Marianne


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