Wednesday, April 18, 2012

William and Kate wont rush a baby

As William and Kate returned from their honeymoon they faced the vicious rumours that have been circulating in relation to Kate's fertility. Allegedly the Duchess of Cornwall confided in friends claiming health problems during Kate's adolescence have left her with fertility problems. The speculation reached fever pitch recently with eating disorder rumours escalating when William and Kate greeted the Obamas. Admittedly Kate is very slim, however headlines such as 'Scary Skinny Kate' seem a tad exaggerated. Any bride will tell you as wonderful as getting married is, it's also a stressful time.

What are William and Kate's plans regarding starting a family? An extended member of the royal family reportedly said: 'Don't get too excited. Knowing William it won't be any time soon. He's like his father and thinks everything through before he does anything. He will be the same about planning a family. Harry is the opposite. He is much more like his mother, Harry goes with his gut. He will probably have a baby before William.' Now that would be interesting! If William and Kate do not produce an heir someday the throne would go to Harry's eldest male child. Harry has been pictured with actress Charlize Theron recently and sources claim he may rekindle his romance with trainee solicitor Chelsy Davy. The media is placing a huge amount of pressure on William and Kate. William is still working with the RAF and is still only 28 while Kate is adjusting to her role as Duchess of Cambridge.


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