Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Cambridges to visit South Pacific for Queen's Diamond Jubilee, Kate latest purchases revealed including her 'Rachel Berry' dress

I have some interesting stories to share with you today, however there's one in particular that takes precedence. I was absolutely delighted to hear that William and Kate will be visiting Malaysia, Singapore, the Solomon Islands and Tuvalu next year as part of the Royal world tour to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. I had expected the young couple would of course take part but I did not anticipate these locations. The Royal family are being sent across the globe, covering countries in the commonwealth from New Zealand to Canada. Here's a look at where each of the royals will be heading, and yes prince Harry got the 'fun' locations. :)

It has been reported that the Tuvalu, a tiny group of Islands in the South Pacific, was chosen for the Cambridges as Royal aides knew William and Kate will most likely attract the biggest press following. Sadly a state of emergency was declared in Tuvalu recently when it's population of 10,400 was left with only a weeks supply of drinking water. This visit will highlight the Islands while honouring the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. The couple have been promised a 'welcome they will not forget'.

This will be a very special trip for Duchess Kate. I am looking forward to seeing what she wears. I expect she will choose a local designer like Erdem in Canada. We may even see pieces from her honeymoon wardrobe. In the meantime 'The Cut' have dressed Kate for the occasion. :) (With thanks to What Kate Wore)

In my last post, I wrote about shopping at the Fifi Wilson Chelsea store. The stunning pieces Kate purchased have been identified by the very talented Kate Spotter, who was kind enough to share the information. Firstly my personal favourite piece from Kate's purchases the stylish  Midnight Klynn Eyelet Dress. I can see Kate teaming this with her black suede boots and black tights for a daytime look. The dress is £380.80 and is described as 

"This midnight wool mix gorgeously amazing Eyelet Milly dress is nothing less than bliss. Beautiful gold eyelet loops decorate the front of this snug cut knee length piece of heaven. A timeless dress that is an absolute must have".

You can also buy the dress here and here. The dress is also available in cranberry and is on sale here.

Glee's 'Rachel Berry' wearing the dress via fashion of glee.

Kate bought the Milly Midnight Fitted Meredith Patch Blazer. I could also see her wearing it during her time in Sandringham over Christmas. It is also £380.80 and is described as

"A gorgeous blazer that will go over any outfit whether casual or elegant, look fashionable and keep you cosy at the same time? This midnight corduroy fitted milly patch blazer will give you all of the above. The warm brown leather patches on each elbow and chunky golden buttons add glam to the casual look".

Kate's third and final Milly purchase is the Milly Midnight Danna Low Waist Trousers. Again choosing 'midnight', Kate could easily pair the blazer with the dress for an engagement or with with the pants for a casual look. The pants are £263.20 with chunky buttons on the front two pockets, the inner lining is yellow and midnight patterned silk.

Duchess Kate completed her shopping trip by choosing a bracelet (as yet unidentified) and two dresses from Roberto Collina including a cable knit dress.

Looking forward to seeing Kate wearing her purchases, all excellent choices. I will update when the other items are confirmed. Apologies if anyone had problems with the site last night, I wanted to 'tidy up' the look of the blog! :)

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