Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kate Middleton Is 'A Natural' At Royal Life

The stunning Duchess of Cambridge graces the cover of this weeks People magazine. One of the most popular magazines in the states, Kate would have had to compete with numerous Hollywood celebrities for the coveted cover. Kate has not only won public and media affection but has settled into Royal life with effortless class. After the Royal wedding, Kate kept a low profile shopping at her local waitrose and sending thank you notes. In the past couple of weeks Kate has really come into her own attending four major events in five days. From her stunning debut at the ARK charity gala, to her cheerful demeanor at the Trooping the Colour celebrations, Kate has been a rock for William, He even admitted he was more nervous than her. She was by his side through the Queen and Prince Philip's birthday celebrations photographed smiling in almost every shot. All of this is a warm up for her first royal tour in Canada and California. Does Kate feel apprehensive about this? According to a Palace insider 'She is taking it in her stride. Now she's a member of the Royal family she's got to get involved in these things. She was acclimated over a long time'. After dating Prince William for over eight years Kate was more than prepared for thew pressures of Royal life. The Duchess is currently in the process of moving to Kensington Palace and making preparations for the tour.


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