Sunday, April 15, 2012

The dress that will inspire a million copies!

As Kate Middleton entered the Abbey with her Father Mike, thousands of designers attempted to recreate the stunning Sarah Burton creation. Kate's dress was one of the best kept secrets but she was determined to surprise the world at 11.01 a.m. on April 29th and she did just that. She had a clear idea of what she wanted and was drawn to the understated elegance of Grace Kelly whose gowns went on display at the Victoria and Albert museum last April. Sarah Burton who designed the dress described working with Kate as 'The experience of a lifetime' Mary Rose McGrath was one of the first to finish her interpretation of the gown with a 9 ft train.  It is now on display in House of Fraser, Victoria's square, Belfast.  Her take on the gown made of french lace and ivory fabric was put together in less than 24 hours.  Designers described Kate's dress as 'a work of art' and doubted it could be emulated in such short time. Take a look for yourself Here


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