Friday, February 3, 2012

William and Kate Spend Easter in Scotland, Upcoming Plans + More

William and Kate spent their first Easter as a married couple with Prince Charles and Camilla in Scotland. The foursome attended a church service in Crathie Kirk, a small parish church in the village of Crathie. A Royal aide said 'It was a beautiful service. Afterwards, they were back at Balmoral for Sunday lunch'. A very low quality photo of the Royals leaving the service was taken. Duchess Kate appears to be wearing a plum coat.

Daily Express

Crathie Kirk is known for being a regular place of worship for the Royal family when they are holidaying in the nearby Balmoral. The British Royal family attended the Sunday service at the Church after the death of Princess Diana on the morning of August 31 1997. The public were shocked and appalled that Diana was not mentioned at the service. 

Crathie Kirk

I was initially surprised William and Kate chose not to attend the annual service with Her Majesty at Windsor. No doubt they enjoyed a private weekend with Charles and Camilla at the scenic Balmoral.



It does seem like quite a while since Kate's last engagement, however we are in for a treat this month. The always informative Royal Reporter Richard Palmer revealed William and Kate are expected to have three engagements later this month. We should hear details shortly. He also tweeted that Kate is aiming to choose four new patronages by early next year. Looking forward to the upcoming engagements!

Richard Palmer Twitter


As someone who is extremely close with my sisters, I've always admired the bond Kate and Pippa share. Despite Kate's new role as a Royal, spending time with Pippa is obviously a major priority. Kate is regularly seen visiting her old flat in Chelsea for lunch with Pippa. She most recently spotted visiting her younger sister last week after returning from France. A source said 

"Kate drives over and parks outside and brings her two security guards with her. Pippa likes to have her sister over. They had lunch last week just after they got back from Skiing in France".

 Another cover for Kate this week. Lovely to see her in the centre amongst the Hollywood elite!

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