Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kate and Pippa spotted in a Berkshire pub, Poll results, We hear from a girl who met Kate and more

I would like to thank you all for voting in the poll 'William and Kate's most romantic moment'. The winning moment, from the royal wedding with 47% of the vote is 'When William told Kate she looked beautiful at the altar'. A simply perfect choice. Other popular moments took place during the royal tour when William adjusted Kate's hoodie and of course the memorable hug the couple shared after competing in the dragon boat race.

A look at the results....

At the 'Millies' we saw Kate sparkling in jewels for the first time and I think we'll agree it's a look that suits her. In honour of the Queen's Diamond jubilee, the Royal collection is putting on a simply stunning exhibition including some of the Queen's personal jewels. The exhibition is going to be the focal point of Palace's 2012 summer opening. (Kate's dress was the star attraction last summer) At the heart of the collection is a floral brooch known as the 'finest pink diamond in existence'. Given to the Queen as a wedding present the 23.6 carat jewel made in Tanzania could only be described as beautiful.

Other pieces in the collection include the coronation necklace and earrings set, The Granny Tiara (one of the Queen's personal favourite's and a snuff box made for King Frederick of Prussia. Perhaps we will be seeing Kate wearing these items someday.....

We know William and Kate are enjoying a New Years break with the Middletons. Yesterday the couple were spotted enjoying a drink in a quiet pub in Yattendon, Berkshire with Pippa. (With thanks to British Royals) If any photos emerge I will update immediately!

Finally I have a rather special story to share with you. I was on Twitter earlier this evening (Naturally, tweeting about Kate :)) when I received a tweet from the wonderful Sophie who was lucky enough to meet Kate in Zara last July. The Duchess was wearing yoga pants and a white zip up top. Sophie bravely asked Kate for a photo and Kate politely declined 'I'm really sorry, I can't'.

"Kate was very, very sweet and very beautiful up close. She was dressed casually as if she'd just come from yoga. Kate shopping in Dune, Zara, Topshop and then surprisingly went on to Urban Outfitters".

It is always fascinating to hear from people who have met Kate and to hear she is equally as sweet and kind in person. I would like to thank Sophie for sharing her story, you can read more about it on her blog citygirlsandpaperdolls

Sophie's office is just five minutes from Kensington Palace so she might bump into Duchess Kate again very soon :)

A look at Kate's favourite shopping area, Kensington High Street.

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