Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Duchess Kate looks striking shopping in Zara

I was very excited to see these unexpected candid's of Duchess Kate leaving a Zara store in London yesterday. Kate looked relaxed and elegant walking beside her royal protection office. I expect the Duchess is starting her Christmas shopping (Yes it is that time of year again :) I was chatting with another Kate fan on facebook recently and commented on the fact it has been a couple of months since we saw a candid photo and that I expected to see one soon........

Pop Sugar

In this photo we can see Kate's stunning outfit.

Duchess Kate looked chic and glamourous today. I really expect she would stand out on any street even if she was not married to Prince William. Kate wore a fitted black polo neck sweater and the Mulberry Polly Push Lock Herringbone Wool Skirt. (With thanks to Rachel for the ID) The skirt is currently selling for £424 and it described as

"A feminine pleated skirt in a black wool blend with a herringbone stitch. Slighlty flared, small waistband, deep pleats, decorative belt. A mixture of classy,......classic and luxurious".

Duchess Kate is also carrying her favourite Mulberry Polly Push Lock handbag. I love how she is wearing a matching skirt and handbag. They look beautiful together. 

Kate finished off her look with black tights and her favourite black suede Aquatalia cookie boots. The Duchess also wore them in the last candid photo we saw of her leaving James Ward's salon.

This has to be one of my favourite 'Kate' outfits. She looks simply stunning. Only Kate could look even more beautiful out shopping than when attending a ball. I'm also glad to see her shopping at Zara, she is staying true to her love of the high street. Kate is still very young and we rarely see her in a shorter skirt, I think the length suits her as she is so tall. Hopefully we will see her wearing whatever she purchased!

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