Friday, February 24, 2012

Kate Middleton's relatives

Since Prince William started seeing Kate Middleton, much has been made of her middle class background. There has been media fascination with the 29-year-old's roots. Born into a middle class family in Bucklebury, her third cousin is a postman who now has an interesting story to tell. His relative is the new Duchess of Cambridge. Kate's extended family include a fishmonger and a 20-year-old student, who works part-time as a burlesque dancer.

However, Kate's uncle Gary Goldsmith, has been making the headlines recently for all the wrong reasons. The tattooed tycoon is living with a convicted criminal who once made off with £250,000. Julie-Ann Brown plundered the accounts of the car sales firm she worked for. She was spared a jail sentence but continued to indulge in a lavish lifestyle by dating a succession of wealthy men. She now shares Mr. Goldsmith's £1.5 million London home. Goldsmith was exposed two years ago, by a Sunday newspaper after offering cocaine to an undercover reporter at his Ibiza villa. The same location where the recent private photos of the Middletons were taken. Aside from Goldsmith's activities, Kate's family seem close knit and supportive. The Duchess has often described her sister Pippa as her best friend. Alice Goldsmith, Kate's aunt was recently quoted as saying 'I think she's too good for William. She doesn't know what she's letting herself in for.'


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