Saturday, February 18, 2012

Duchess Kate spotted at Starbucks, The royal couple to attend Gary Barlow Concert and more

While Duchess Kate has been in the headlines there hasn't been a reported sighting of her since the gala fundraiser. Yesterday, two reports emerged via Twitter that Kate was spotted in Starbucks on the Kings road. Unfortunately there are no photos yet or reports of what she was wearing but I wouldn't be surprised if more information and possibly photographs come to light in the next day day or two. The press are very careful not to offend the royals by hassling them but we can generally expect candid photos of Kate every now and again. Kings road is definitely Kate's street for running errands, shopping etc. If you happen to be in the vicinity you may well catch a glimpse of her!

Kate has been a fan of Starbucks for years, Here she is photographed at her local Starbucks before her engagement to William ordering a coffee.........

In other news,William and Kate are expected to attend a Gary Barlow concert. Those of you in the U.K. know him as the lead singer in the band 'Take That' . He is currently replacing Simon Cowell as a judge on the U.K. X Factor. (If any of you watch, What do you think of him?) Gary will perform two solo shows at the Royal Albert Hall on December 5 and 6. The royal couple are expected to attend one of these. The shows will raise money for the foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry. Kate is a big fan of Take That, She was spotted singing along to their performance of 'Back For Good' at Diana's concert in 2007. Looking forward to seeing Kate at this event, Of course the question is, What will she wear? :)

If you read my last post on 'The Kate Effect' conquering Halloween costumes. The craziness has officially reached another level. Now, Kate wedding dress has been redesigned to fit a dog :) The costume complete with long sleeves and fake arms is expected to be a popular costume this Halloween. What do you all think? 

Speaking of animals, The Cambridge's might be afraid to venture out this Halloween but not because of ghosts! Resident in Anglesey have reported sightings of a large, panther lie cat on the loose close to their home. Anglesey resident John Hughes said

"I have seen the creature eight times and it has attacked one of my arms. It was biting its neck. I shouted and it ran off. I've seen it jump hedgerows with ease - no ordinary cat could do that"

I expect the couple will be enjoying more nights in then, Sounds better than venturing out for a walk........

Now onto some more pleasant news, A Norfolk based fan of William and Kate was delighted to receive a piece of the royal wedding cake with a personalised note from the Duchess of Cornwall. The cake arrived encased in its own specially made tin, However it will never be eaten and takes pride of place among the other items of royal wedding memorabilia Mary Relph owns. Mary was unable to make the trip to London for the wedding due to illness, She said

"I have no idea who told Camilla. I really don't know how they know. I was so upset that I couldn't go - we had the hotel room booked and everything".

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall wrote

"A little birdy told me you were unable to get to the wedding as you had injured your back. I hope this cake will help to alleviate this, with my best wishes, Camilla".

A truly delightful story and a very special moment for Mary Relph, That's all the updates for now Kate fans, I will update if anymore news or photos emerge from Kate's trip to starbucks.

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