Sunday, June 24, 2012

William and Kate get two tickets for the price of one at Cineworld

Yesterday William and Kate enjoyed a trip to their local cineworld in Llandudno to see The Inbetweeners. It as reported by other people watching the movie that both William and Kate were in fits of laughter throughout the comedy. Funnily enough it was 'bargain Tuesday' at the cinema which meant they got two tickets for the price of one. Even the Royals are becoming frugal in these recessionary times. :)
The couple are obviously major movie fans having been seen at the cinema recently watching the smash hit comedy 'Bridesmaids'. As you can see the photo's are not very clear. I'm sure the photographer (possibly just an excited fan) wanted to keep a respectable distance so the couple could enjoy their evening out in peace. Personally (And I know you would all agree) I would rather see photos like these than close up ones of William and Kate being hassled. 
Duchess Kate (from what I can see :)) pulled off casual chic yet again. Wearing light blue jeans with a grey cardigan and her black espadrille wedges. It's lovely to see them taking time out for a 'date night' like any other couple. In Wales they seem to enjoy a certain anonymity. As you will see in the photo's, the other cinema goers are not staring nor asking for photographs. It proves how attitudes towards the Royals is changing. Could you possibly imagine Charles and Diana enjoying a night out at the cinema? 

In other news, Duchess Kate graces the cover of Hello magazine this week. Her visit to Brimingham was extremely well received. Pippa is also on the cover with her boyfriend Alex Loudon.  For any of you who read the magazine, you will know Kate is almost always on the cover. There is a very good reason why, The Duchess has helped to lift sales of the magazine by more than a quarter in the first six months of the year.

 For those of you reading the 'Kate before Cambridge' page. I'm hoping to add at least ten entries a day. As it's in chronological order, do scroll down for new photo's! :)


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