Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Queens Tells Kate to Curtsy to 'Blood Princesses'

Duchess Kate is married to the future King and will one day be Queen Consort but newly updated protocols reportedly approved by the Queen state that there are several women in the royal family  to whom she must show reverence. A document has been privately circulated to clarify Kate's status meaning she will have to curtsy to the 'blood princesses' when Prince William is not present. The aforementioned 'blood princesses' are the Princess Royal, Princess Alexandra, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. Royal historian Brian Hoey predicted when William married Kate that

'Kate will take the rank of her husband, which means that when she's at court, Princess Beatrice and Eugenie should curtsy to her. But I don't think there's any chance they will. While William feels warmly towards his cousins, Beatrice and Eugenie, he's conscious of the fact that they are lesser royals. As future King, he will will wish to see them behaving correctly towards their future Queen - but their attitude is likely to be : "Why should I? I was born royal - Kate wasn't".

It would seem Mr Hoey's prediction was correct. The Order of Precedence was last updated in 2005 after Charles married Camilla so that neither the Princess Royal nor Princess Alexandra would have to curtsy to Camilla when Charles was not present. Despite being married to Princess Edward, the Queen's son, the Countess of Wessex will have to curtsy to Kate. 

MP Ian Austin shared the news via Twitter.

Ian Austin Twitter

From The Telegraph Article

'The Order of Precedence affects other aspects of royal protocol, such as who arrives first at an event. For example, Camilla was forced to wait in the drizzle outside the Guards Chapel, Windsor for the arrival of Princess Anne at a memorial service in 2006, because Charles had not accompanied her'.

Kate curtsying to the Queen at the royal wedding.

Protocol is taken extremely seriously by the royal family and the recent 'update' is reportedly to avoid a battle of egos. While I think it is appropriate for Kate to curtsy to the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall because of their seniority within the royal household I disagree with the notion she should curtsy to Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie when unaccompanied by William. As future Queen Consort I believe the Duchess should be of the same rank as William at all times, not only in his presence.

In accordance with the Queen's wishes only seven royals appeared on the balcony of Buckingham Palace during the jubilee weekend because Her Majesty wanted to focus on the direct line of succession and the future of the throne. Not one of the ladies Kate is required to show reverence too was asked to join the senior royals on the balcony, so one must wonder why Her Majesty presented such a united front to the public yet in private had chosen to update the protocol which would disgruntle William. Royal observers said the Prince would be 'less than happy'.

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