Friday, June 8, 2012

A review of William and Catherine, Their Lives, Their Wedding

I have just got around to properly reading, Andrew Morton's book: William and Catherine, Their lives, Their wedding.
I must say I found it an incredibly enjoyable read. The book begins with a section on Williams childhood, One of the most touching elements are the stunning photos of Diana with William and Harry. (I just added a few photos but there are dozens more) The book continues on to discuss Kate's heritage. Followed by William and Kate's time as student lovers at St. Andrew with amusing stories such as the fact, like any other couple, washing up was the bone of contention between them. It caused such friction they purchased a dishwasher between them :) 
The book goes through their relationship, break up and wedding. It is a very interesting read (I'm sure most of you have read it already) but it is the collection of photos that makes it a must have item for fans of the Duchess. I would suggest you all take a look at it, whether for your collection or for a quick look from the library. You can purchase it HERE. Let me know what you think if you do! :)

Photos from the fashion show where Kate caught William's eye

Kate during her early University days


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