Monday, October 22, 2012

Send William and Kate a Christmas card and Duchess Kate's five outfits for Christmas day, What they could be?

With December 1st upon us, I thought it was the perfect time for a Christmas themed post. (I'm a huge lover of all things to do with the festive season, so expect to see it reflected in the blog in the coming weeks :)) Coincidentally Duchess Kate has been making the headlines today regarding her Christmas day style choices. Kate will spend her first Christmas as Duchess of Cambridge at Sandringham with the Royal family. 

King George V famously described the estate as:

"Dear old Sandringham, the place I love better than anywhere else in the world".

One would think The Queen's retreat, set in twenty four acres of stunning gardens would be the ideal location to relax and enjoy the festivities in casual wear. While most of us will opt for comfort, The Duchess has five outfit changes Christmas day. Royal etiquette expert Jean Broke - Smith said

"She won't be able to wear the same outfit twice. Kate will need a casual outfit for breakfast, a smart outfit and a hat for the morning church service, a dress for lunch, a cocktail dress for early evening drinks and a full-length dress for the evening meal. The golden rule is nothing too short, too revealing or too gaudy".

With all these outfits to plan for one day it is no surprise Kate was photographed shopping in Zara lately. She also visited L.K. Bennett where she reportedly purchased a black sheath dress and two cashmere cardigans. For the party season a little black dress is simply an essential and I expect the Duchess chose a black dress as a 'go to' item for the holidays. While looking through the L.K. Bennett website attempting to identify which dress Kate may have chosen I must say I was really very impressed with their collection. There are a number of black dresses Kate could have chosen and she would look amazing in any of these.

The first three dresses, The SukiDavina and Pia are all very Kate and would be perfect for Christmas drinks or worn with a coat and hat would look stunning for the church service. They are very similar in length and structure. The Davina is my personal favourite, It is available in an array of colours.

The long sleeved lace Eloise dress caught my eye immediately. We know Kate loves lace and I imagine this dress would have appealed to her. The elegant Allie dress features a chiffon overlay with stunning detail on the bodice. The Harriet (which is currently on sale) is a divine 1950's inspired dress. In many ways Kate reminds me of Grace Kelly with her timeless style and I would love to see her wearing the Harriet. I imagine Kate would pair it with a shrug. The full skirt is pleated allowing a 'dreamlike quality' to your movement.

As for the cashmere cardigans, These two instantly caught my eye. The black Street cardigan would look perfect with any of the above dresses. The merino wool and cashmere cardigan has jewelled detailing and velvet taping over the grosgrain covered buttons.
I can see Kate wearing the Chelsea Shrug with skinny jeans and her flat suede boots while grocery shopping. The flexible layering piece made with 100% cashmere would be ideal for the winter.

Kate has reportedly ordered two evening dresses from McQueen. I was amused to see the headline 'Kate will have a Christmas fit for McQueen'. These dresses could be for future royal engagements, however I would not be at all surprised if one of them is for Sandringham. These three dresses could easily be altered for such an occasion. 

Whatever Kate chooses I'm sure she will look elegant and beautiful. The only photos we will see will be from the church service Christmas morning. In 1989 Princess Diana wore stunning striped purple coat and hat for the service. Something similar would be ideal for Kate.


I received a tweet earlier from a reader of the blog enquiring about sending Duchess Kate a Christmas card. For Kate the formal opening is 'Madam' or 'Your Royal Highness' and end the letter with 'yours sincerely'. If you wish to send the Duchess a card you can use the address below. As you can see I was feeling quite festive while using :)


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