Friday, September 28, 2012

Kate Middleton Infertility Rumours

The Royal couple are not even married a month and baby rumours are surrounding them. When interviewed in November, William stated that he and Kate 'Obviously want a family'. However, rumours are surrounding the couple regarding Kate's fertility. According to 'In Touch' magazine, the Duchess Of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles has been telling people that Kate is infertile.

A source close to Camilla said, 'Health complications from Kate's adolescence raised red flags that may have an impact on her ability to conceive.' One wonders, is this just malicious gossip designed to sell even more magazines using Kate and William as a headline. In Touch magazine claim they are using a reliable source. The pressure on Kate to conceive is increasing. If she is not pregnant within nine months she will be defying a two hundred year old tradition. Adoption isn't an open option either as only a biological heir can take the throne. Diana became pregnant within months after marrying Charles as did the Queen. Times have changed dramatically since then and perhaps the couple have other plans first. I'm inclined not to believe this article myself. I expect we will hear William and Kate announce they are expecting in the not too distant future!


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