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William, Kate and Harry Support Zara Philips at Greenwich

William, Kate and Harry were at Greenwich Park today to support the princes' first cousin Zara Philips as she competes in the Equestrian Crosscountry.

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The Duchess of Cornwall, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie were also on the sidelines.

The scenic Greenwich Park is London's oldest park, dating back to 1433 and has been strongly associated with royalty since the land was inherited by Henry V's brother. There is a large grassland enclosure, covering almost thirteen acres which serves as a sanctuary for deer, foxes and birds. The park is the host venue for the Olympic Equestrian and Modern Pentathlon events and the Paralympic Equestrian events. 

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Kate greeting Camilla.

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Kate seemed to enjoy the event immensely. 

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The couple reading the programme.

Thirty one year old Zara Philips is the daughter of Princess Anne and her first husband Mark 
Philips. Princess Anne did not want her children to have a title but Zara is fourteenth in line to the throne. Zara was voted BBC Sports personality of the year in 2006, sadly her horse Toytown suffered injuries which meant she missed out on the 2004 and 2008 Olympics. 

Both her parents competed in the Olympics in equestrian competition (Princess Anne in 1976 and Captain Mark Philips in 1972 winning gold) so one could say it is in her blood. This time Zara is determined to go for gold with her horse High Kingdom and I wish her the very best of luck!

London 2012
Zara performed wonderfully and was visibly delighted with her performance.

Kate is wearing her navy Smythe blazer. It was available for $357 at Saks but is now sold out. The Duchess first wore it twice during the Canada tour (Smythe is based in Toronoto) 

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The Duchess wore the London 2012 Olympic Games Logo Pin Badge  on the lapel of her blazer. It is available in green, blue, pink and orange for £6.

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Kate wore the Givenchy SGV 761 Sunglasses (A huge thank as always to Anna)


Kate is also wearing her navy J Brand 811 jeans, a white Team GB Adidas shirt and navy wedges.

To see some lovely photos of William and Kate holding hands and a full length shot of Kate's outfit please click here.

Tomorrow the royals will attend the jumping finals where they are expected to hand out medals. Before that, Kate has a solo engagement this evening at the UK Creative Industries reception. It's going to be a very glitzy black tie event apparently.

Finally, a photo of a Kate look-alike caused quite a stir at the Olympics on Saturday with many questioning could it be Kate?


It was later revealed the lady in the photo had attended ladies day at the park with a Pippa look-alike. The cream lace McQueen repli-Kate is beautiful (although the nude heels were a giveaway, Kate would almost certainly team the dress with her Sledge pumps). Do you think the ladies resemble the Middleton sisters?

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